'I don't understand when you don't understand'
One can expect. How can you expect me to pretend that those two years were not the hardest of my life so far. Each day was like running a fucking marathon, trying my absolute hardest to keep up with life and you couldn't care less. You expect. So why do you expect me to come running into your arms as soon as you ask me to? I do not understand why you do not understand when I tell you that I cannot be yours truly. It's only when there is another and you realise that shit will carry on that you listen to a word I say. The truth comes out and you say you forgot. Not. You expect what I learned never to. You fight and fight because I can't be yours but you see no true reason, can you not see I'm broken. Can you not see you broke me. You don't want anyone else to hurt me, you don't want me near him, do you even realise that you hurt me? Do you know what happens to a glass when you throw it at the floor? It shatters, like a heart that's been left for another. Shatter, from the outside-in, a heart with hairline cracks. On the brink, feeling a little misunderstood. I loved you from the inside-out, you broke me from the outside-in
How could you expect anything more than a karma-kick-in-the-teeth?

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