Claire, an angel amongst girls.
You are super human now, you are too much better than us. There are no memories or words that are good enough, none will bring you back. It's so hard to believe that you are so permanently 'gone'. In an indefinate amount of time we will be back together, I know that's true. I believe in the deepest part of my heart of hearts. You were too good and pure, you were something too real for anyone to handle. It was such a heart breaking moment, when your heart broke. Now, I didn't know you when you were a small bump unborn and I didn't know you when you were learning to walk. But I am one of many who got to know you later in your too-short-too-fast-ended life. I am blessed to say that I once called you a friend. I only wish that I still could. It is not enough to ask you to come back. It is not enough to say that I love you. It is not enough to say that I will miss you. Nothing will ever be enough. You are an angel who has taught me the value of friendship, an angel borrowed from heaven. Forever in my heart.

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