'come on, you have to give me something'

Nothing will ever render us worse than the feeling of worthlessness. That feeling of wishing you could escape into the oblivian of nothingness. When you feel like there is no more reason, that you've 'had it', that is rock bottom. When everyone is doing their best to drag you up off the ground but you can't get up, that is the end. Worth is so much more than worthlessness. The beginning can be so far from the end. Not knowing who you are or where you're going can make you sick to your stomach. It is not about the journey once you hit the destination, it's the hard work that does with everything you want to earn.

People always tell me that rock bottom makes you stronger. I have to question, does the friend who ignores my depression because she's content with my only happiness plan on making me stronger? because that is the only escape from this that I can see. In my eyes, she has the world. In her eyes, she has enough for now.

Emptiness is now a desirable emotion. contentment is almost bewildering.

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