Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

It all comes down to what you want more. What you wanted more, at the time, in any particular moment. Flash, your childhood is gone. Flash, primary school is over. Flash, your dream just ended.

Pressure: The exertion of force upon a surface by an object. The state of being pressed or compressed. Noun.

Mums pressure. Dads pressure. Teachers pressure. Friends pressure. My pressure. I forced myself to attempt to exceed expectation. I forced an error, I forced a ball too hard, I forced my peers to choose.

Who did I think I was to be great? Spectacular? Remarkable? Alive?

So many dreams were wrapped into so little time, there was lack of focus.

Goodbye my brother, see you in a few years.

Goodbye my netball dreams, you were simply too unattainable.
Goodbye captaincy, you required too much popularity.
Goodbye lover, you could never just let me be enough.
Goodbye self, you are not enough.

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