'Google Mania.'

Long nights with strange men and they say I'm perfect. Rushed speech as I run around to everyone, trying to explain everything all at once. I can't help but wonder who has the upper hand. Is it my mind over my soul? because I never wanted to be this person. Good mood, bad mood. Do not put me down, I swear to you I cannot take it, not now. My body is slowly sinking, falling, crumbling and I don't know who I am anymore. Talking can get hard and so can eating. Moving hurts and thinking is impossible. Lack of concentration. With a high of increased energy. Leaving the house, well I wouldn't know.. I didn't do it today. I've been this way since too long. Pressure pressure pressure, I don't know who I am, did I say? Wasted on hoping, wasted on crying, wasted on death. Struggle struggle. Someone tell me who I am. Manic Manic Manic.

I will be an angel when I'm dead, and I will fly and fly and fly. Even Angels die.

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