The after party of love

The crushed veneer, the wicked sneer. Get up, hold up, lick the vodka off your lips, brush the cocaine off your cheek and clean up the mess of yesterdays bliss. What is this pain, what is this confusion. Get up, hold up, fix your collar, brush your teeth. You are human and it won't be long until you find out all about how hard it is to cope in the real world. Baby be sharp, you can't be better than you are. Grip the blade and tie the rope, you're no better than this. Check yourself girl, check yourself because they already did.

Judgement day. The lies and bitches will always get the better, and there's nothing you can do about that. Shit's out of your control. Life's a bitch, then you marry one.

Mortality, the true test. What is it that makes them stay, when it all gets a little bit harder, what pushes them through? This is not 'life', this is shit. This is not 'character building', it's 'character ending'. It's death and everything before it. I would rather be mortal than keep putting up with this shit.

I hate you all. I'm already dead, don't bother calling.

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