Read slowly and out loud.

Never love a wild thing if you're not going to stay. Don't love anything willy-nilly. Listen to everything that they say before you jump into something you can't escape from. The life I was meant to have sits on the window seat in my bedroom, it watches me, shaking its head. It is so disappointed. It makes me wonder if maybe I'm better off dead. Because that's the easy way, the ticket they're all buying. That's the easy option, I've always taken the hard option. Maybe it's time. The life I was meant to have sits up high on the seat and looks down on me, I look up at it. We sit there for hours, wondering. It takes a certain person to look the life they were meant to have in the eyes, I am one of those people, who finds joy in my own misery. It's not just the sneaky boys who use cheeky words, just so you know. It's stuff so much bigger and smaller than that. It's an upside-down-side-ways-topsy-turvy-land-for-lovers this world, but that sounds cute.. and the world isn't. I do not view myself as a failure, do not see my sadness as such, instead I view myself as a dependant. A dependant on lovers, family, friends, fate and dreams. So mentally unstable, but so together. In my life I was meant to have I'm still that daisy-fresh-girl from 4 years of age, cookey-crazy-laughing-girl. There was no honey-honey-slinkster-lover and there was no crazy-eyes-soul-stealer. There was just me-daisy-fresh-me.

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