'Challenge Accepted'

Noone has ever really expected anything from me.

I have never been expected to achieve greatness.

I have never been expected to exceed expectation.

I have just pondered through life, doing a mediocre job. Keeping people happy and keeping on top of it all. I have never achieved greatness and I was not born with greatness. I was simply born with personality. I can make people laugh, smile, cringe, cry and laugh a little more. My personality though, is not funny because of the jokes, but because of the truth in the jokes. I can be honest. I can be honest with friends, class mates, teachers, family and the rest of you. But there is a person I cannot be honest with, this person lays deep within me, constantly asking the question of 'why will you not exceed expectation?'. There is a voice within my soul, begging me to do better than my best. I do not chose to ignore it, I am simply un-motivated. I have no desire to stand on a podium and preach to a country, I have no desire to throw a ball on the worlds stage, I have no desire to be anything more than I am.

But this voice within me, it begs to differ. It tells me that I have a desire to do all of these things, but I simply have the wrong attitude. That I don't believe in myself. That I don't know how to self-motivate. That I'm not mentally strong enough.

So here it is, my last fight back. Taking all of the desire, belief, motivation and strength that I have, I have accepted the challenge of my voice within and I am going to exceed expectation. My own expectations and the expectations of others. Because usually if there is a voice within you, it knows what it's talking about.

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