August 11th 2011, Dear Diary

She was just a baby. She greeted death with such innocence. She smiled as it took her hand and she walked with it down the path of misery, it had poppies all down the side. She wondered where she went wrong. She wondered why trusty old Ma and Da stopped kissing her good night. She wondered why her best friend had turned. She wondered why her brother didn't want to be around. She wondered why the other kids stopped smiling. She wondered why the games weren't so much fun any more. She wondered who the girl was that took her place in the mirror. She wondered why nothing was ever good enough for anyone anymore. She wondered why she nothing was every good enough for herself. She wondered if she could fix it. She wondered if it was worth it. She decided it wasn't. She greeted death at the doorway and skipped down the garden path with it. She smiled up and death and told it she had been waiting.

There was blood and brains everywhere. They wondered where the went wrong. Her parents wished they could kiss her good night just one more time. Her best friend wished she had tried harder to reach her. Her brother wished he had stayed to protect her. The other kids wished they had been more inclusive. They all wished they could tell her she was good enough. They were too late, and she was just a baby who greeted death with a smile too big.
Be aware of their wondering, before you start wishing.

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