'Power of self'
I have never truly been aware of the destruction I am capable of. Never truly known. I have never known the depth of my power. I wish I had, I wish I’d used it better. I wish I could have locked you up. I wish I could’ve found a way to force you to stay. I bet you wanted to, didn’t you? Instead I forced you out. I locked myself in that room of demons. I became a demon myself. Can’t you see? WHAT AM I? tell me, I know you know. How can you tame this lion? I hit you hard. Too hard. It hurt me more. It was so much better when you pretended this was forever. I locked you out, was I saying? Bars and bricks and barricades kept you away.. so strong. Too strong. I forced you out, locked myself in the prison of my own insanity. I was consumed by it, until I became utterly uncontrollably psycho. Noone could break in then, could they? You wouldn’t know, no one tried. Oh the satisfaction I was meant to feel. Did I mention I love you? I don’t want you back; I don’t want you at all. Want ME, want ME. Now. Because I know you do, somehow, somewhere, you want me baby.. I know you do. How could you not fall head over heels in love with this self-consumed-psycho-lover.

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