Break free
I thought I was so wrapped up in you, I thought I was so god-damned stuck. We think we are, we think that everything is so personal. He is mine, I am his, she is hers and he is his. But we don't actually belong to anyone, and noone belongs to us. We are all obsessed with ownership, making everything our own. So I gripped to you so tightly, always sure you could make me feel so much better. I wouldn't let you breath, in case you caught a taste of something better, I had to cover your eyes so you couldn't see what you were missing. I made you mine and I kept you there, because I can. Because I could. Because you let me. I was scared of leaving, I was scared of you leaving. Leaving is always the hardest thing, until you do it, then it's the easiest thing in the whole wide world.

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