Hello honey, I'm sorry but you can't have me tonight, I'm his. I kept asking and asking, but you wouldn't say it, you knew why I needed it. Tell me you care, I whispered, tell me you care, I yelled. I gripped at the washing machine and hit the door with my fists. I took deep breaths, I stopped breathing, waiting for you to start again. I watched where your hands traced the walls, the cave. We were trapped, the door wasn't even locked. We were in the bright lights, nothing was hidden. Feel the shiver, the ice break between us. The looks and air rushing between us. So close to embrace, so far from touching. You will me closer. Your eyes, your face, your hands, are all telling at me. Begging me to come closer. So you can find me, have me. Within seconds your hands are running along the familiar grooves of my body, searching for anything new. Hands grabbing, pulling closer. Scared we'll both leave. You're scared of me running straight back out to find him, scared I will. I'm scared you'll stay, make me choose. I'm scared you'll go, leave me wondering again. Talk about it. Let it go. We have been blown out.

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