You are my very own butterfly, you are the one who understands me. You're the only one who doesn't want them to lock me away with my crazy thoughts. You're the one I can break down in front of without worrying what you'll think. You're the one I can be honest with. You're the one, when I hate everyone else, I love. You're the one that I want to make happy every single day. You're the person who has a smile all the time. You're the one that doesn't care enough about anything. You're the one who just lives, with her guitar in hand and lyrics floating through her head. I know he's on your mind, I know he always lingers. And I know that it's true, I know he's not good enough for you. And I know he makes you happy. And I know I should be fighting him away from you, defending you. But I know that this isn't what you want, butterfly.