How much of what we do is to spite others? How much of what I do is to spite myself? Sometimes I think I must have thrown myself to the lions when I met you, that I must've been so entranced by how deep the pit was and how easily I could fall to my death that I slipped without even realising it wasn't a dream anymore. And you were there, you were always right where I needed you and it's exhausting.. it's exhausting to need you, you. It's tiring to be constantly trying to catch you when you're running away so fast. I'm trying to keep up and I'm trying to be everything all at once. I just need you to realise that it's not about you anymore. It's not even about me. I'm not about me. I'm sick of being told how to live and I'm sick of you telling me I'm not good enough. I want everyone to stop judging, just to look and see what I am. Because my mirror broke and I don't know. I wish I could say something incredible is going to come out of this but it's not, it's just not.