Do you ever wonder 'what the fuck was I thinking'? Do you ever wish the world would stop spinning just to let you catch up? Do you ever question the reality of your world...this world? Do you ever try to escape it? Do you wish you could take back a moment of time, of weakness. A moment where for the first time in years you let your guard down. A moment when you gave it up and a moment when you lost everything to the wrong person. I tried to ignore it, to pretend it didn't happen and he didn't exist, but we fucked it and couldn't hide it. Do you ever want to be someone else, someone brave and open? Someone with pride and respect, who doesn't care what people say, who could be you without pretending. Someone who saw the stars in bad people and the demons in good. Who could see people as what they truly are. Because you can't hide from demons, because demons haunt you while you sleep and there's nothing you can do about it then. Demons call you names like fat and slut and beautiful and the demons have green eyes and they play in grass fields with balls and sticks and stones. The demons, they never sleep, the never rest from torture and they don't know any better. This isn't a cry for help, just leave it.