'Intrapersonal relationships'

There is no better feeling than finding something that directly relates to how we feel. Interpersonal relationships get us through lonely days and nights, they make us believe that we are not alone and that we stand stand side by side people who love us. But an interpersonal relationship cannot hold you together at night when tears are flooding your bedroom and the lights are out and you're screaming but noone can hear you. Interpersonal relationships are important, but they cannot be relied on. It is important that we do not become dependant on these relationships, because they are glass windows and they will shatter. Intrapersonal relationships take the most work, this is the one relationship you have which will last forever. If you don't work at it, if you don't make it a good one, then there's no point. This is the one relationship that can truly make you happy, if this has been tampered with or broken you have no chance at true happiness. We can find happiness in the feeling that we are not alone, when a song tells us exactly how we are feeling or a book tells us exactly what we need to hear. This is a feeling of security, but it is not independance. If you cannot directly relate to yourself, if you have to source self-worth from others, you need to take a step back and observe from a distance your very own intrapersonal relationship. I must not depend on him. You must not depend on me. Happiness is a choice, know yourself.. know your options.