As humans there comes a stage where we, as individuals, must disassosciate. Situations become uncomfortable, and in turn, so does life. We create a sanctuary, a haven, a Hamish, in which we feel comfortable. As we are either thrown from or lead out of or take a chosen step away from this sanctuary we being to lose all sense of comfort, all sense of self. People applaud our efforts and believe that we have acheived true greatness by doing so, but this is not enough. We survive, somehow we manage to keep trying. It takes outside triggers and a change in environment though, and we're running back as fast as we can without moving our feet. For so many reasons we stand still. The people, they hold you where you are. They have so much faith that you won't go back that you feel obliged not to move.

As children we are taught to respect others, meanwhile self respect is simply an expectation, something that must be learnt but cannot be taught. Once you've found the self respect, you can build a new sanctuary and within this you can grow. Once again you will have to disassosciate, you stand by while people come and go and time travels in its infinately ending lines, trying to catch your breath. You must at some point, preferably this one, let go of any sanctuary and just learn to be you. You, alone. Because we as humans are not dependant on relationships. Humans do not need anything more than a one night stand to survive. We are not king penguins, we do not have only one love. We love many times, because we can, because as humans our hearts can never be irreparably broken. This is how we were designed and this is how we shall remain, forever on the verge of breaking but completely invincible. Jumping from sactuary to sanctuary, haven to haven, Hamish to Hamish.