I can take a joke just as well as you can take a joke too far. Some people set out to destroy people, some people do is subconciously and some people do it for fun. Did you honestly believe that I would cop it on the chin? Did you think that I would laugh it off? Did you think that you were being hilarious? because you weren't. I trusted you with everything and never expected you to use it as a weapon against me, I guess it's just more proof that noone could ever truly know you. Especially when you won't let them. I pretend it doesn't hurt because I know I can't show it to you all but secretly it tears me apart and makes me want to tear you apart as well. I don't know what I'm expected to say, if I'm meant to laugh it off or get mad or if I'm meant to just not do anything at all. Let me know though because at the moment you're making a fool out of me. The worst bit is you know you've done it, why else would you ask if I'm okay?