Halloween is when spirits are invited back to us, both good and evil. We welcome the good spirits into our homes but we wear masks and costumes to ward off evil spirits. I just can't help but wonder, do we maybe wear the masks and costumes to hide our own evil spirit? What is it that makes us go out into the world dressed up and knock on peoples doors for candy? Is it tradition or habit or is it a bravery that comes from knowing people can't see who we are behind our masks? The people around you, what are their masks hiding? What don't they want you to see? You have to ask yourself this. We hide behind our masks and costumes because it's easy, because it's easier than than going out and knocking on someone's door and asking them for candy when you're completely anonymous. The darker it gets, the scarier. The more people, the more evil spirits are wandering the streets. Then it strikes midnight and all the spirits go back to where they belong and parents take their kids home and they take their costumes off and they go to bed. But it's the people who forget to take their mask off, who leave it on all year round.. they're the ones you have to look out for.