Flip a coin

The hardest choice you will ever make is heads or tails. Decision making is without a doubt the hardest thing that I've ever done; you or me? happiness or stability? psych or legal? life or death? As teenagers we are constantly being forced to make decisions, about tomorrow and the rest of our life. We live off questions, we crave answers. The decision to tell or keep your secret is another big decision, because once you've told you can never take it back. I've considered telling you a few times, thought of how I would word it and what I should expect, but then I chicken out. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Yes or no or maybe. Why do we ask questions when we know the answers are going to tear us apart inside? Why do we ask questions when we know that curiosity killed the cat? Why am I asking you these questions about why you ask question? because I really just don't give a fuck. How do we make up our minds? some do the heart and head thing, some do the morals thing and some weigh out the pros and cons. I flip a coin. You know what they say.. tails never fails.