Everyone will always have different expectations of you, the only expectation that everyone will have in common is that you will have no expectations of them.

The fact of the matter is that you can do whatever you like. You expected so much from me though, you expected to be able to have what you wanted when you wanted regardless of what I wanted. You expected to come and go as you pleased. You expected to be able to dish it out and never have to take it. You expected me to let you have your way. You expected to get what you came for, every time. You expected me to just be there whenever you needed. You expected to never have to be there for me when I needed. You expected that you didn't have to make any effort. You expected that if I got mad I would take it all back. You expected to always be right, even when proven wrong. You expected me to change whenever what you wanted did. You expected that we would be nothing official, but I was exclusively yours while you could do what you pleased. And you got it. The fact of the matter is you can do whatever you like. But so can I.

You expected so much of me. Here's something you never expected... I hate you and I quit.