You're lurking around every corner. You're the monster in the dark that I just can't see. You're the wild beast when I'm in the wilderness of my own imagination. You are the attacker on the news. You are the bed bugs and worse. You are the devil.

Tell me did you win? Because I promise you did. So you can leave me alone now, evacuate my mind and return my soul. Take away the goosebumps and the fear, the anxiety and depression. Leave what I used to be though, I could use some of that.

What I had to do; Weigh out the negatives and the positives. Wash out the grass stains from an outfit that took weeks to choose. Cover the bruises from where you touched me. Drain away the blood. What about the scars, what am I meant to do about them? please let me know. I guess they are my reminder that you still exist, and you could come back whenever it suited you. The fear.. that stays too. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.

ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.. happy new year.