You can't trust anyone, I guess that's just a fact of life. People, they come and go. Some you forget and some you hold onto for eternity. What is trust? Is trust telling someone a secret, is it trusting them with something you wouldn't give to anyone else or is it giving everything you've got to someone even though you've got nothing and hoping they don't fuck you over? How can you ever truly know that you know someone? The world is flooded with backstabbers and liars and cheats... there is nothing that we could ever do to get rid of them. Life is about gaining as much as you can and then handing it all over to someone else, fingers crossed and praying for the best. Sometimes it will be okay, some people hold your trust so close to their hearts and they would never do anything to break it, but some people simply do not give a fuck. People are used and manipulated and hurt every single second of every day. Sometimes all three can happen at once. I have learned that heaven, earth and hell all do exist, and sometimes they even exist together at the same time. I want to be able to learn from my mistakes and I want to know better, but maybe I never will and that is something that I will need to accept. I will have to trust myself to learn, because I can, because everybody else does. I trust myself. I say that with my fingers crossed behind my back like a little kid telling lies.