Things change. People change. The world is constantly changing. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Without change we could never grow. Some people love change and some people hate it. I personally hate change. Change happens when you realise you need something. Change happens when you think you're going to lose something. Change happens when it is truly needed. Change happens when you least expect it. Change happens when you least want it to. We obsess over change, try to change it back and try to make it sense of it. Change is growth. Change is necessary. Change is change, you can't stop it and neither can I. We blame everything around us for changing. Smells and sights and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. They're all changing and you think you can't keep up, you run so fast to try but you'll never quite make it. It's only when they're too far ahead and completely out of sight that you stop, take a step back and realise that you're the one that has changed.