Gold falling from the celing and drowning an entire audience into some drunken stupor, drunk on her words and voice. The centre of the earth is her, all of her. She's you. I'm drunk on your words, one shot too many, too drunk on you. My own drug, my own cravings. You are my very own tablet, injection and cigarette. You are not my own though. Everybody hates somebody, but I love you. Shaking body and trembling lip, every single part of me loves you. Held close with a kiss on the cheek, is perfect. Just when you thought it wouldn't be enough, it was everything. You can't truly not feel a thing can you? You have to feel it, when we're near each other and it bounces between us. You are Earth and I am me, you are surrounded by gravity, pulling me in closer time after time. Wether I take a small step or a giant leap away it doesn't matter, you'll still pull me right back. And without you, I'd fall right off the end of the Earth.