So often people who never wanted to die, die. And they will rest, but not in peace because we never let them. And they will rest but we will not, not until we find the answers. Police and doctors always searching for why, never 'it was just their time'. We have to ask why them? Because there are so many people that would choose to die. So many people who have chosen to die. We never ask why them, why did they have to be the people who choose to die? I remember the first time someone I knew died, I was excited. The second time, sad. The third time, scared. The fourth time, human. People fade away, eventually I will to. You will, I swear that in four hundred years noone will know your name unless.. you make them. Everyone dies but it seems that the people who die most are the ones who don't want to, that is the scary truth. The people who want to live most don't stand a chance.
This is how I know that I am immortal.