I've never been great with boundaries, because we never had them. I don't know where the line is and I'm worried that I won't know what to do with it once I've found it. I never had to think for myself because you always did it for me. How can they expect that I will all of a sudden do everything for myself? How can anyone expect anything from someone who once had everything but has now been left with nothing. Pathetic. I would love to drown you in my tears, because trust me I easily could. Sometimes the world hands everything to you, and sometimes it snatches it right back. I know how it looks but this is not about security, this is about following my heart. My heart is leading me on a wild goose chase. You're an arrogant son of a bitch, I'm sorry. You never said I was too good for you, you just said that I deserve better.. because you can't give me what I need, because you don't care enough. Truth. I say "What do you want?" then you say "it's not that simple" so I say "just tell me what you want" and you say "I have to leave". Routine. I know it's over between us now. I am bitter and angry. I will have to just get over it. But there's another part of the script.. the part where we always said "If you jump, I jump". I guess that doesn't really count anymore.