I will spend tomorrow wishing. On sixteen different candles I will make sixteen different wishes. Add in a cake with the family and we're up to 32 wishes. Then in a few weeks there's my party, thats 48 wishes. Then there's stars, first stars and shooting stars, how many of those will I see? Then add in green cars because they're always good to wish on, especially fast ones. Add one in for every time I drive past a cemetry and have to hold my breath, and another for every time I drive over a railway track and have to lift my feet in the air. What are we up to? about sixty? Then there's fairies I catch and get the key out of, that should be about five. sixty five? and of course there's the weeds with the little white bits coming out and you blow them and if all the white blows off your wish comes true.. because I always wish on those. So by this stage we're at about seventy.

What could I possibly do with seventy wishes in only a few weeks? I know there's a few things, like floating in the ocean in a thousand dollar dress and there's having a bath in milk and holding a cute baby and having it smile at me then there's having everyone happy in the world for one whole day and getting rid of all the fakeness that's floating around. Then there's a smile for everyone I know and don't. Plus there's some jewellery I've seen, but I'd feel guilty using up a wish on something like that when kids need food and businessmen need smiles and women need their business men to just be men without all this business.
But I'd get one of these wishes and be happy for only a little while before I realised there's a whole list of wishes that haven't come true and only one that has.

With seventy wishes I could wish for all that or I could just wish for one thing over and over again. like what I want most.. you. You to tell me that you love me and want me back, just so I can tell you I don't want you. Not even a little bit... not even at all.

Wish come true.