'Holes to collect'

Sever. Disconnect. Seperate. Divide. Part. Split. Why can't we? Sorry, why can't I? Bets and deals are no consolation. You're not into the good stuff, we should tell you anyway, from the start. Cut. Bruise. Scab. Scar. Imagine. Close your eyes and imagine losing me forever. You look dead, no, I look dead. Lets be and lets not be closed eyes together. We're either okay, or about to not be. Eyes, yours; no words. Words of anger fill the room when we think we're about to become. Empty. Blanks. Nothing. Hole. Run fast for you, because I need, need, need, to catch you. We're finished, back to normal. Never for good, ever, don't know, nobody knows, knows how. Empty, you love it. We never lost it but we're good actors. I hate how hard we try, no effort. Don't answer the door, don't answer the phone, don't talk to strangers, why didn't you say don't fall in love? It hurts too much, agony. I collect you. Bears. Flags. Photos. Dresses. Blankets. Collect, I collect you.