Do you remember before it happened? I don't because you stole that moment and locked it away and now I can't find it. You stole years away from me and I'll never get them back, and I'll never want to. Sometimes you fall: right through the centre of the earth, trying to grasp on to anything that might keep you on top. I fell, I fell so hard for you. Only, there was nothing to grasp onto. Francesca Block said 'Any love that is love is right' and so I accepted it. Because that is what we do, we accept the reality in which we are faced. Just as you and I accept the gravitational force that brings us together time after time. We let go, over and over again, we let go. You are excrutiatingly beautiful, I think I loved you before I even met you. If I had never met you what would I be? Would I be, untouched? But you would've come, because love always does and so you had no choice. When we are finally actually over, just like last time, you will know what happens to something when you smash its heart. When you left they asked how was I, like I was in hospital, so I said "I'm stable". What is stable? It's not better, not worse.