Ads in papers are for lovers, 'soul mates'. If I never looked any further than right beside me I could find my soul mate in less than one second. My best friend. People wish on birthday candles, eyelashes, flowers and fairies but I just wish on you. You're so bright and colourful that is scares me sometimes. Fairytales, greeting cards, books and movies tell us our whole lives that there is someone out there that we will love unconditionally for the rest of our lives, no matter what. But you're it, you are the person that came on their white horse and scooped me on to the back and saved me. You are it, and to me it's all the same, I don't need Prince Charming. I just don't know that yet. Seeds were planted within you, maybe they started small, but now they've grown into happiness and joy and laughter and strength and dispair and love and spirit and soul and even SOUL MATE. You are as pure as light. You are mine own.