We're burning in this brown smog pit. You are too cold for her now. I can remember when you were little and you were sitting on my bed, I could see the veins through your skin and they were like a map to inside you. Your heart is like a kaliedoscope. It's nothing more than a tube full of bits of broken glass. I mean, we never expected anything more when your Baby Girl told you the story of the boy who stole her soul during the new years eve countdown. Don't worry, we all know you gave it everything you have, but it will never be enough. Lightening flashes fast and bright just like a bullet flys from a gun leaving a triangle of blood where a heart used to be. Her bleeding never stopped. You were always going to jump in to defend her, we knew that, that over-protectiveness will never go away. She felt the movement, she felt his craving, she felt him rub against her and want her. Then she felt him have her. She saw her pain in your eyes, you. You sucked it all out of her so she couldn't feel it anymore and the colour came back into her eyes. Why did you leave her? Why couldn't you look at her anymore? After holding her and watching her mouth stay open through silent screams, how could you not stay? Tears you told her to cry but she didn't want you to see, she didn't ever want him to win. You, stop being so careful where you walk.. He walked all over your girl.

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