There's one million people standing in a field, you are one of them. A man with a gun has you lined up in rows filling the entire grass land. He says 'I have one bullet, only one of you will be shot'. You are relieved because you are one person in a million, there is no way he will choose you. How many times in life are we that one millionth person, who doesn't get chosen? who does? Every competition we enter, team we try out for or job we apply for, it's a one in a million chance. What makes you think you won't be that one in a million? You have as much chance of being killed as every other person in that field. Every other person is thinking the same thing, that they won't be the one in a million. Who honestly ever says 'I am the one in a million'. It's not a confidence thing, it's a statistics thing. Because nine hundred thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine people are going to walk away from the field unharmed. Everyone is feeling pretty safe right now. But Guess what, he chooses you. You are killed, and you are the one in a million.

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