Have you ever been stolen? Taken from everything familiar, everything that makes sense to you? Have you ever been lost or unsure of wether you'd get away? Have you ever hidden? It makes the world wonder why, and how? They'll do anything they can to make sense of the situation. Imagine being taken by someone, but loving them. You hate them so much that you love them, and as much as you hate what they've done, they are your security blanket. They need you, maybe even more than you need them. You can think of one million places you'd rather be, but two million reasons to stay. The world is telling you how wrong it is, how you shouldn't want to be there, especially not with him, but it only makes you want it more. You've been taken away from your family and reason. You know you shouldn't enjoy the freedom of his prison so much. But you do, because it becomes home. Where is home anyway? You're in a confused, dizzy mess of emotion, you can't make sense of anything and you're not even sure if there is anything to make sense of. Is this what you wanted? What you needed? Are you even sad at all? Just think about it, is this where you want to be? Or are you just hiding from the inevitable? You have to face reality sooner or later.
Tell me, are you stolen? Don't worry; eventually you will escape, but you will never truly be free again.

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