You are only making me stronger, can you see? Your arrogance has you blinded, or is it your insecurity? Because I think I'm past being intimidated by you now, I'm simply sympathetic.You can throw me all over the place and keep her where you want, but I simply will laugh in your face from now on, because everyone is on to you. Everyone. I sat back and watched you strip me of the potential and laugh in my face as I failed. I'm standing up now though, I'm taking back the confidence and I'm playing my own game, not your mind game. I'm not going to let you manipulate your power anymore. I'm not going to stoop to your level though, that's one thing to keep in mind, I won't give you that much satisfaction. In my eyes, to get this far, I've already won. I've wasted enough tears and words on you now so I'm letting you disappear.

I'm calling your bluff, coach.