Lyre Bird

"She begged me to keep going, she pleaded and cried.. I'm sorry I cared."
You're a bird on a wire, infact you're a lyre.

I hardly believe in you anymore anyway. The person I always thought we were doesn't exist because it hurt too much to be the definition of imperfection. You spend the days doing everything you never should've but some how you can't make it sink in because no matter how hard you try, you'll always be this destructive. I can't hate you forever, but I can feel nothing. You can see the sky in your eyes, the freedom you so willingly crave. I'm not the only one you hurt you know and I don't think you'll ever learn how to not fuck around with people. You'll keep fighting forever, you. It's in your blood to stand tall and draw your sword. But once, just once, just listen. We've come to far now for you stab me outright, here and now, we both know this deserves a last fight. Now you just turn and walk away? It's not in your nature. I guess you'll just have to close your eyes and pretend you're not doing it at all. Relax; Inhale, sip, inhale. Is that a white flag? Is that your sword on the ground and your hands in the air? So you've surrendered, I should feel like I won. All I know is, you're not mine anymore. But that okay.. because I'm not yours either.

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