Nothing can compare to this anguish and dispair. I've never wanted anything more, and I refuse to surrender. You are like a hit-man someone hired to take me down slowly, to consume me until there was nothing left. Even though I know this I refuse to let you go, I will let you get away with killing me just so I can keep you a little longer. You are the Jury and I am the Judge; you let me believe I have all the power. You have a manipulative and conniving soul. Your soul, it's beautiful. You never give up, you push and push and push as hard as you can, putting me as close to the edge as you can get me. Then you save me. Every single time, you are the Hero. Your words are twisted and fabricated beyond any truthful recognition. Your actions are that of a desirably enticing person. There is no escaping you, your entire being is like a prison cell.

But you expect the world from me. You expect me to keel over and do as you please. You expect for me to have no expectations of you. I let you get away with this, and it is erroneous. The only thing that can save me is the world. Your caring is limited, so from now on if you want to fuck, you're going to have to give a fuck.