Her and Him

The best person I've ever known once said to me: "big things will beome small and when least expected they will rise. Maybe this is the one good thing that comes from the situations, you can write: and maybe this is enough." And so she set me free from the regrets. The regrets that come with time. Don't ever depend on time. Don't ever depend on time, time travels down a river and disappears somewhere on the horizon. I've been told many things, but there are three I haven't...

You will not beat the her's of the world. They will only encourage you to step up your game and go a little harder. They will teach you to play strategically and to manipulate the boundaries. They will inspire you to keep your eyes up and get the next one, to make it yours. They will push you around and kick you when you're down. They will ridicule and insult you. They will burn the edges and turn your insides to ash. We need to learn to use the her's to our advantage. Use them to build yourself up. Because you are better than they are. You only have to remember, you are someone else's her.

You will survive him. He will use you up until you've got nothing left. He will learn you inside-out. He will always know how many bullets it will take to threaten, hurt or kill you. He will have the aesthetic words that will suck you in and keep you there. But he will let you down, her. He will come crashing down just as he came crashing in. He will steal all of you and bury what he doesn't need under the Earth. Because he could never leave you vulnerable, he couldn't let anyone else hurt you as well. But you will get out, and you will do exactly this to someone else.

You are not anyone's, and when you are older you will learn that sometimes you're not even your own.

WANT something
NEED something
BE something
MEAN something