You will never understand. But I will do my best to explain for you because I think you need to know. I have a destructive side, a side I save only for those I love. I am a person, but the person I am is simply a soul. Because the person I really am, is a bad one. A bad one, who hurts people. Hurts the people I love. I have to watch it happen, watch myself absorb them and then drain away their soul. Until there is nothing left. So you have to know, please know, that what I am trying to tell you is; I care about you too much to love you.

It's funny isn't it, how you will care about someone so much that you refuse to love them just so you don't hurt them, but then they hurt you. You hurt me, and I never saw it coming. You absorbed me and you've drained me of my soul. I trusted you, you. You were my solid in a world of liquids, but turns out you are ice. I want to believe you hurt me, because that would mean that I'd finally felt something. Maybe I don't have a soul, I probably definately don't.